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6 Tips for Healthy Aging

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Aging is inevitable, right? It happens to all of us. We may as well enjoy it by doing it the healthy way!

September is Healthy Aging Month, the perfect time to evaluate how you’re aging and see if you could do so in a more positive, productive manner. The month’s designation began in the 1990s as a way to think less of the negative, limiting aspects of aging and focus more on the freedom and growth that seniors can experience in these years.

ProHealth Partners knows that maintaining a positive attitude and being proactive can work wonders on your health, so we’ve compiled some tips for healthy aging.

  1. Keep moving: One of the primary ways we can all be healthier – regardless of age – is to increase our physical activity levels. This doesn’t mean you have to be a tri-athlete, though. Simply choosing to go for a walk rather than watching one more TV program can make a huge difference. Look for ways you can gradually move more and stick with it.
  2. Eat right: Making good choices at the dinner (and lunch and breakfast) table is important. It may be tempting to rely on convenient, pre-packaged meals, but these products are often high in sodium and fat. Keep plenty of vegetables, nuts, fruits and whole grains around for meals and snack times, and make a conscious effort to reduce processed foods high in sugar and salt.
  3. Prevent problems before they occur: A large part of healthy aging is realizing that serious health concerns can easily occur if we don’t take the proper steps to help prevent them. Falls are a leading cause of injury and even death for seniors – help prevent them by wearing proper shoes and assistive walking devices as needed. Remember to get the influenza vaccine annually and ask your doctor about other important vaccinations for your age group.
  4. Challenge your brain: Keeping your mind physically fit is just as important as keeping your body in shape. Stay sharp by trying new and interesting things – puzzles, games, reading, classes and volunteering can all challenge your mind in a positive way.
  5. Supplement your diet with vitamins: As we age, our bodies need a little help to keep functioning properly. Adding nutritional supplements to your diet can ensure you get the minerals and vitamins you need. Look for products with Vitamin D (promotes strong bones), Vitamin B6 (encourages oxygen distribution throughout the body) and Vitamin B12 (staves off anemia, encourages nerve and blood cell health). Be sure to talk with your doctor about the right products and compositions for your nutritional needs.
  6. Kick the habit: Still smoking? Stopping is the best way a smoker can live a healthier life. Each drag does a little more damage to all of the organs and systems in the body, but the human body is remarkable in its ability to start healing itself almost immediately after your last cigarette. Quit today and immediately lower your risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Through our in-home physician care, therapy services, and mobile diagnostics and radiology services, ProHealth is dedicated to extending and increasing seniors’ independence in the later years of life. For more information on how ProHealth can help you or your loved one age in a healthier way, call 877-511-9739 or contact us online.



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