Benefits of Therapy for People with Autism

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Approximately 3.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to the Autism Society.

Autism is usually diagnosed during early childhood as communication, behavioral and social skills start to emerge. ASD is characterized by behaviors such as an inability to carry conversation and make eye contact, delayed language skills and compromised motor skills.

ProHealth Partners’ team of therapists can help improve the quality of life for adults with ASD in a number of ways.

Physical therapists will work with the patient to develop or improve motor skills, cultivate stable posture, boost social skills, and increase stamina and fitness.

Through evaluation and exercises, these medical professionals can help someone with ASD improve body awareness and coordination, mobility skills, and boost strength for movements such as jumping or pedaling a bicycle.

Occupational therapists can help individuals with ASD practice better communication techniques at home or in a job setting.

For example, a patient having trouble with handwriting may work with an occupational therapist to develop better hand strength and fine motor control that will help the patient write more legibly. The therapist may also recommend a treatment plan that limits sensory distractions while writing.

Speech therapists evaluate a person’s communication abilities and formulate a series of goals applicable to their situation. Focused areas of treatment may include:

  • Speaking more clearly
  • Using correct facial expressions with emotions
  • Strengthening muscles of jaw, mouth and neck

Therapists can also work with individuals who may have more success communicating via electronic devices or pictures, known as Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC). These methods may include sign language, using tablets, picture exchange communication system (PECS), or speech output devices (Dynavox).

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