Embracing Independence with Home Care

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In-home physician care, physical therapy and mobile diagnostics and radiology services allow people to get the professional medical attention they need in the comfortable environment they want – their own home.

Utilizing home health care services actually provides independence to the patient and the caregiver, assuring both that the patient has another set of eyes looking out for his or her best interests. Here are some ways receiving convenient care in one’s own home helps the whole family live more independently.

  1. Set the scene for safety: In-home health professionals know what to look for in homes to ensure they’re as safe as possible. They can identify trip hazards, assess mobility concerns and more, giving you peace of mind in knowing your loved one can safely remain in their home.
  2. Balanced nutrition: Getting proper nutrition is a major factor in optimizing your loved one’s health, helping them live independently on their own for as long as possible. Trained staff members know what foods older bodies need to thrive and can make recommendations on what items should be in the refrigerator.
  3. In good company: Even if your loved one is at first reluctant about the thought of having staff come into their home, they may find they come to enjoy the relationship they build with the physician or physical therapist who becomes part of their life.
  4. Managing medication: Medications can be a wonderful thing, but it can be difficult for seniors to manage them properly, consistently taking them when needed. Visiting medical staff can help the patient and caregiver feel comfortable keeping track of prescriptions.
  5. Afford to stay at home: The average cost of a day at a skilled nursing facility can be hundreds of dollars more than a visit from home health care professionals. The savings can help your loved one live independently for a much longer period of time.

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