Getting a Reluctant Patient on Board with In-Home Health Services

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Although the benefits of home health care are well established, your loved one may still resist the idea of having medical professionals provide services in their home.

Reasons for resisting home health care services can vary widely. It could be that the patient doesn’t think their health care needs are that extensive, they’re afraid of losing their independence, or they don’t want to admit their health is declining. Regardless of the reasons, ProHealth is pleased to offer these tips for dealing with resistance to home health services.

  1. Ask why they’re opposed: Let your loved one tell you why they’re resistant to the idea of receiving care at home. Getting their input will help understand their resistance and give you the opportunity to directly address concerns they may have.
  2. Explain your reasoning: Be calm and explain your thought process behind choosing home health care services. Spell out the ways you believe in-home therapy and in-home physician services can improve their quality of life – and that it will be done in a private, respectful and dignified manner.
  3. Make it a team effort: No matter how gentle you are in your suggestions, your loved one may feel that receiving home health services takes away their independence. Talking with them about the benefits of in-home health care will help them see this as an opportunity to maintain their independence and continue living at home.
  4. Make it a trial offer: Make the suggestion of hiring a home health care provider for a limited time. Agree to discuss the matter again after a few appointments.

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