How In-Home Healthcare Helps Maintain Seniors’ Independence

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It’s only natural that we want to maintain our independence as long as possible.

The U.S. Census Bureau expects the number of people aged 65 and older to more than double to nearly 90 million within the next 30 years. This increase will call for a boost in the number of facilities and services specializing in senior healthcare.

One of the biggest factors in a person feeling independent as they age is being able to stay in their home – the place they’ve made memories, raised families and lived life.

Adult children can help their senior parents keep their independence while maintaining their healthcare situation by utilizing home healthcare providers that work with ProHealth Partners.

Regular contact with a primary provider in their own home allows seniors to get the medical attention they need without having to travel for their appointments. These providers maintain continuity of care by communicating with your parent’s specialists and ancillary doctors. In-home Nurse Practitioners can monitor a senior’s living situation and adjust care plans as needed to help them thrive in the home environment.

ProHealth’s physical therapists can further help a patient maintain independence by assessing their mobility, creating a plan that will help them be more mobile in their day-to-day life. Therapists may focus on areas such as poor balance, preventing falls, deconditioning, muscle tightness and dizziness. All of this helps the patient more effectively navigate their home, reducing the risk of re-admittance into hospitals.

While advocating for home healthcare is one way to help senior parents live more independently, a few other suggestions include:

  • Safety suggestions: Falls are often the cause of injury for the elderly. Safety measures such as installing grab bars in the bathroom near the toilet and tub, securing rugs and using a walker or cane can minimize the risk of falls. In-home physicians and therapists will help identify potential hazards in the home.
  • Stay social: Feeling connected to family and friends helps seniors maintain their overall health, so encourage your parent to stay in touch with others. You can offer transportation to meet others or set up a social media account to help them feel a part of things.
  • Use technology to empower: Wearable devices can provide peace of mind to both you and your parent on health matters. These instruments can call for help after a fall or emergency, lock doors and adjust lighting by pressing a button, or issue warnings about health problems before they become more critical.

To learn more about how ProHealth’s in-home providers and physical therapist services can help your parent maintain their independence, call us at 877-511-9739 or contact us online.



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