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Living Better Through Physical Therapy

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Physical activity plays a significant role in recovering from injury, managing pain, and generally living a better, healthier life.

Physical therapy can provide the roadmap that helps guide you to that better life. October is National Physical Therapy Month, an ideal time to learn about how the practice can benefit anyone dealing with health conditions, illnesses or injuries.

Physical therapy (PT) involves treatments that focus on prevention and management of injuries or disabilities. ProHealth’s in-home physical therapy services are provided by board-certified clinicians. These professionals assess patients’ mobility and overall state of health, then create customized physical therapy plans that will help them recover as fully as possible. These comprehensive plans can focus on specific areas such as minimizing risk of falls, improving balance and flexibility, and mitigating dizziness. Occupational therapy and speech therapy may also be recommended to focus on activities of daily living or address problems with speaking or swallowing.

Physical Therapy as an Alternative to Pain Medication

There’s no doubt that medication can be a helpful part of pain management. Some pain medications work by blocking the pain signals the body sends to the brain. Others work to temporarily reduce tissue inflammation that’s causing the pain.

But many health professionals have concerns about addiction, depression and potential for overdoses associated with long-term use of commonly prescribed pain medications. Over-use of over-the-counter pain relief medications can cause troubling side effects, as well.

Physical therapy can help relieve pain, promote healing and restore function and movement. A physical therapist may recommend passive therapies, active therapies, or take a combination approach to treatment. Passive therapies include manual manipulation and the application of heat or ice. Active therapies involved strengthening, stretching and conditioning exercises. The key is to work with a certified professional to determine what’s best for your body and your overall health condition.

If you, a loved one or a patient may benefit from ProHealth’s in-home physical therapy services in areas throughout Ohio and southeast Michigan, call 877-511-9739 or contact us online.



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