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Not All Physical Therapy Services Are Created Equal

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Physical therapy is an ever-expanding part of the medical field that helps millions of people recover from illness or injury.

While it’s growing in popularity, many people are discovering that not all services are created equally. If you’ve suffered an injury or illness that requires specialized therapy, make sure your physical therapist has the specific skills needed to assist you with your recovery.

At ProHealth Partners, many of our physical therapists have taken continuing education classes and earned additional certifications. This extra knowledge is how our clinicians are able to help so many patients with specific needs.

“Our clinical staff has extensive knowledge of different treatment techniques for various diagnoses and specialty practices,” said Jon Nickey, Director of Clinical Operations at ProHealth. “Many of our physical therapists have highly specialized certifications, including geriatric clinical specialty, LSVT BIG and LOUD (for treatment of neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s), vestibular rehabilitation, and orthopedic manual therapy.”

At any given time, ProHealth helps more than 500 patients across Northwest Ohio. Our staff creates specialized treatment programs for patients to help them recover their full potential and increase their independence.

“We focus on quality, not quantity,” said Nickey. “Through individualized programs established by our physical therapists, we’re able to work towards the patient’s and therapist’s goals to increase independence in a daily living environment.”

To learn how the physical therapists at ProHealth can help you in your recovery, call 877-511-9739 or fill out our online contact form.

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