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Ways to Give Thanks This November

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November is a time to reflect on what we have and give thanks.

Being thankful helps fuel a positive mental outlook on life, which can translate to improved physical health. Here are some ways ProHealth Partners encourages you to give thanks this November.

  1. Enjoy the colors: Is there a better way of appreciating nature than going for a drive or hike on a sunny fall day to take in the beautiful fall foliage? Get out and enjoy nature before the temperatures plunge and the trees turn bare.
  2. Honor veterans: Veterans Day is Monday, November 11. Go to a local Veterans Day celebration or have a meal at a veteran’s club as a way to honor those that have served. If your family member is a veteran, you can play some patriotic music or ask them to share stories about their friends from the military.
  3. Being grateful: Regardless of our place in life, we all have a lot for which we can be grateful: our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends, family, homes, etc. Take time to reflect with your loved ones on these people and things, perhaps telling stories about your favorite moments.
  4. The true meaning of Thanksgiving: Take time to celebrate the diverse friendships we have by remembering the original Thanksgiving and how we can apply that to our lives today.
  5. Write it down: November is also National Novel Writing Month. While you don’t have to pen a full novel, try writing down three people or things you’re grateful for, explaining why. Bonus points if you send it to them.

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